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Craftsment on Erev Pesach


My question is regarding Daf Yomi of today 13A.
The practitioners of 3 crafts may perform work on Pesach eve until midday – Tailors, Barbers and Launderers. My question is why does this not refer also to Erev Succot? Were there any restrictions on work on Erev Succot? Do these three occupations also apply to Erev Succot?


The Gemara relates specifically to Erev Pesach because there is a special restriction on work on Erev Pesach that doesn’t apply to other festivals (Sukkos and Shavuos).

The reason for the special prohibition on labor at this time is because this is the time of the Pesach offering, and because of the special need for Pesach preparations.

The intention is thus that even though there is a special restriction on work on Erev Pesach, this restriction does not apply to the three craftsmen mentioned in the Sugya.

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