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Using Wood from Wine Casks

Can one use a cutting board made from unknown recycled wine barrels in different circumstances.
1) can one use it for cutting a hot roast meat or any hot foods?
2) if it cannot be used for hot can it be used for cold foods?
3) does food that is placed on these boards become treif and in what situations?


The basic source for this question is the Gemara in Avodah Zarah (33b) whereby it is forbidden to use barrels in which wine was placed for storing wine, but they are permitted for other beverages (such as beer).

This is ruled by the Rambam and the Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh De’ah 137:4).

Some explain that the taste of the absorbed wine is pagum (see Rosh), so that it will be permitted for all things apart from wine. However, others write that the take is pagum with respect to beer and other beverages (see also Rash; , so that it is not clear that the taste is pagum with respect to foods. The Rashba writes that the taste of the wine is weak, and is not imparted to other foods.

Based on this, the following seems correct:

1. It is better not to use the board for hot foods; however, if there’s nothing else one can be lenient.

2. It is permitted for use with cold foods.

3. The food will not become treif.

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