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Borer After Meal

Kvod haRav, what is the proper way to clear the table after a Shabbos meal to avoid borer? In particular:

1. are forks/spoons considered mixed with leftover food in serving bowls or with food scraps left on plates, so that there is a borer issue with removing the forks/spoons to put them in a dishpan (either on Friday night for washing after the meal, or on Shabbos day for washing after Shabbos)? It seems the requirement of “l’alter/miyad” is missing since the fork/spoon is not needed now and will not be washed until after Shabbos.

2. I assume separating edible food left on plates from food scraps on the same plate, to store the edible food for future use, is borer gamur?

Thank you.


1. There is no problem with separating the dishes and cutlery from the leftover food. This is not considered a “mixture,” but rather “serving dishes in a salad” (the salad is not “mixed together” with the serving dishes), so that no borer issue applies.

2. If the edible and the scraps are mixed together then this will be a problem. However, there is no problem of moving off the edible part that is not mixed up with scraps. Usually, there is only a small area of mixed up food (edible with inedible), whereas the majority is not mixed up.

Best wishes.

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