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Unintentionally Eating Non Kosher

Some film / T.V. companies are trying to recreate the comedic pie-throwing scenes that was common in vaudeville films and other comedy skits.

Can a Jewish actor participate in these film scenes if the cream used in the pie is non kosher? The kavanah is not to eat or taste the cream. However, inevitably, when the pie hits his face, he will either swallow some cream or lick of some of the cream to clean himself a bit. Does the lack of kavanah nullify any problems of eating non-kosher cream?

What if the cream is kosher but the pie crust is not? Since the cream touched the crust, is the cream non-kosher too? Assume the cream was added after the pie was cold (may be a factor in the kashrut.)


As long as you do not need to swallow, and make every attempt to spit out whatever enters your mouth, this would be permitted.

The pie crust being non kosher would not affect the cream unless they were cooked together.

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