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Overlooked Agent’s Fee

In the news paper u see that some one whants to rent a house.I go and call hem up for some information about it and I decided to go for it. BUT in the news paper it says דיוויך it means the boss works with someone like an agent. Now I go and I read the news paper. But didn’t realize that it says under it דיוויך. but my fault that I didn’t see that word I know. But he didn’t tell me a word about דיוויך the (someone who works for him) but when I finished sighnig the paper (the Law) he goes and asking me to pay him the mount he wants, do I need to pay him? If yes y he didn’t tell me a thing about דיוויך y after the whole thing after a signer he. Tells me? Do need to pay him?


As long as it was clearly noted in the advertisement that this rental includes an agent’s fee, you would be responsible to pay the fee. Your oversight does not exempt you from paying.

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