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Herbal Drops without Kosher Certification

I got some herbal drops from FLORIS (Valerian) – and only realized at home that there was no heksher on the bottle/package.

I am after a heart valve replacement operation and have problems with high blood pressure (anything under 160 is great – and sometimes it’s over 200). And sleeping at night.

And have real problems with medication and can’t take anything for my blood pressure problem – and anything like Assival/Valium only very very rarely (like 5mg 2x a month max).

Is there a problem using the drops, even though they don’t have a heksher???

Thank You


If the ingredients are only herbs and water, and/or this product is not an edible food by itself, just mixed in to food or drink but gives no taste, it would be permitted to take for your condition. In general, it is preferable to buy even products such as this with a hechsher when possible.

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  1. I generally am very careful to buy with a hechsher – this was bought online.

    There is a taste – it is horrible, really bitter. Does that change anything?

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