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Washing Hands in Place of Mikvah

Its brought in the caf hachayim and ive also heard in the name of the baal shem tov that if a man cannot get to the mikva then he can wash his hands in a certain way with the kavanos of the name YKVH so does a person need to be makpid on chatzitza on yadayim like a little bit of dirt underneath ones nails or is it ok if he is not makpid on it like a chatzitza for takanas ezra?


Presumably this would have the leniencies of takanas Ezra as it is intended to take the place of tevillas Ezra. In general a small amount of dirt that one is not makpid on, is classified as a “miut sheino makpid” a chatzitza which is on a minority of the body and one does not care to remove it. This would not pose a problem of chatzitza even for a real halachic tevilla or netilas yadayim as well. Ideally, for all tevillos, any dirt should be removed.

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