I am about 8 weeks pregnant with twins and I had a vaginal sonogram. That same evening I saw blood when I went to the bathroom. It lasted until the next day, after which I was clean?

Do I have to go to the Mikva because of this?


Generally it would be treated as regular staining. So if it was less than a penny size found in the water or on under garments, it would not make you a nidda. If a small amount was seen on toilet paper this would also be ok. If it was a larger amount it would be like any stain which would make you a nidda.

If there was some clear indication that the ultrasound caused the bleeding from irritation outside the womb [outside the cervix, vaginal canal] from the technician or you felt a lot of pain or you are very prone to such irritation the bleeding may not make you a nidda. If you suspect this is the case you should be checked by a nurse/bodeket to verify the source of the bleeding.

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