I’ll be going to Chutz La’aretz for approx 2 weeks during July. This means that I’ll hear Chukat twice, and Pinchas not at all (if I’ve worked it out right).

1) Is this a problem with not hearing kriyat hatorah of Pinchas?
2) How do I handle shanyim mikra with 2 weeks of Chukat and no Pinchas?


While it is not ideal to miss a parsha, the obligation of Kriyas Hatorah is incumbent on the Tzibbur – general public, and not each individual alone. As such your obligation is to participate in the Kriyas Hatorah of the place you are in, so such a trip would be permissible. With regards to Shnayim Mikra, once you have completed Chukas and it is the week of Pinchas in Eretz Yisrael you can fulfill your obligation of Pinchas.



See Har Tzvi Vol. 1 O:C 58, Shu”t Binyan Shlomo 35, Tshuvos Vhanhagos 1:148


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