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Mitsvah to demand a debt from a non Jew


Hello, there is the Mitsvah not to set a non Jew as a king over Jews. Torah in D’varim 17:15 uses the word “Ish-Nokhri”. Rambam explains that “Ish-Nokhri” is a Ger-Tsedeq.
There is one more Mitsvah in D’varim 23:21 using the same word “Nokhri”, Torah orders to demand to pay a debt from that man and not to forgive.
Must we demand to pay a debt from a Ger-Tsedeq? Does it mean he isn’t any “brother” of Jews?


The verse in Devarim 23:21 is referring to charging interest on a loan. This is permissible only for a loan to a non Jew and not a Jew. A ger tzedek may not be charged interest as with any other Jew. The word “nochri” has different connotations in different places in the Torah.

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