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Kashering Formica counter top


Hi we are looking into buying a house from a non Jew, putting in a brand new kitchen would cost us a shinny penny now, is there any way we can kasher Formica?



The counter top can be kashered by pouring boiling water over it’s surface:

Kashering counters: Granite, marble, CaesarStone, wood (if it has a smooth surface), stainless steel and Formica countertops can be kashered by pouring boiling water on them (irui). Ceramic tiles cannot be kashered.

  1. Remember to first clean the surface well using a rag soaked with a household cleaner.
  2. Make sure the counter was not in direct contact with hot treif food in the 24-hour period preceding the kashering.
  3. Pour the boiling water over the entire surface.
  4. When finished, pour cold water over the surface.

It is best to use an electric water heater that is plugged in and boiling the water as it is being poured over the counter, but any pot of boiling water that was just taken off the fire with a rolling boil is also acceptable. A removable electric hot water kettle is also acceptable. The entire area should have the hot water poured directly on it. Pour it over the countertop systematically to be certain that the hot water reaches all areas.



Shulchan Aruch O:C 451:20.

According to most authorities, one can do hag’alah for plastic (see Iggros Moshe 2:92; Chelkas Yaakov 2:160).

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