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Birchas Hatorah Staying Up All Night


Dear Rabbi
In a situation where one has been awake all night what is the practical advice regarding saying Birchas Hatorah?
I understand that if one sleeps during the previous day that could make Birchas Hatorah as normal in the morning.
But in a situation when one did not sleep and cannot find anyone to motzie them what would be the best advice?
If one knows in the evening he will not sleep (like shavout) could he have kavana in ahavat olam at mariv? Or is it better to have in mind during ahavat raba in sharachris?


You are correct in what you wrote that someone who sleeps the previous day can make Birkas Hatorah as normal. The source is Reb Akivah Eiger, There are those who hold that when one says Birkas Hatorah on erev Shavuos in the morning one should have in mind that it is valid only until the following morning (i.e Shavuos morning). The best thing is to have in mind when you say Ahavoh Rabah in Shacharis and learn straight after davening.


O:CH 47:12 Mishnah Berurah 28, Luach Eretz Yisroel Hoshanah Rabah,

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