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Various Questions


1) On the subway, is one required to give up his seat to anyone older or only for the elderly? Does it make a difference if it is a Jew or a non-Jew? What if he won’t be able to learn if he stands?

2) Is one allowed to learn if there are immodestly dressed women in his vision(peripheral)?

3)What is the primary goal of a Jewish woman? Is it fair to say Tznius for a woman is like Torah a man?

4) There are various sources in chazal about chesed of a goy. How should one view true chesed of a goy? (Such as the ones that saved Jews during the Holocaust ect.) Is there necessarily anything lacking in those acts of chesed or they could be true acts of kindness (on the same level as chesed of a Jew)

Please provide any sources
Thank you for your time.


1) If there is the element of kiddush Hashem one should stand.

2) One should try to turn to the side or at least close his eyes as limud Torah is not as severe as Kriyas Shema.

3) One of the main goals for a women is to be modest in all ways possible i.e dress, speech and action..



1) Rambam Talmud Torah 6:9 see Kesef Mishnah and Lechem Mishneh.

2) Mishnah Berurah 75:1

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