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Does the flavored juice/liquid used for e-cigarettes need a hechsher?

The ingredients are usually Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerol (VG), Water, Nicotine and carefully selected flavourings formulated specifically for the e-cigarette devices to offer a satisfying vapour experience.

I saw din online’s previous answers regarding Pesach that they are not a problem of chametz since it’s not edible etc. , but does that mean that for the rest of the year they don’t need to have a hechsher as well?


I heard that you can get flavors with a hechsher. But even if not you can rely on the lenient opinions.


Y:D 108:5, Shaar Hamelech Maacholos Asuros Chap 11, Y:D 92 Pischey Teshuvah 7, 108 Pischey Teshuvah 3. Beis Meir O:CH 467, Teshuvas Divrey Chaim Y:D 20.

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  1. I would like for the Rav to be aware that e-cigarettes do not burn the liquid but just vaporize it. I’ve been in contact with a few poskim and have gotten different responses of whether it is considered food. The main argument to be machmir is זיעת משקין כמשקין

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