I was preparing chicken for Shabbos this morning to marinate and I was rubbing the spices and olive oil over the raw pieces of chicken with my hands and of course washed my hands with soap. Some time later I noticed some residue on the cuticle of my thumbnail and not realizing where it came from licked the nail a little to moisten it to get the residue off. The taste of salt and garlic made me realize what the residue was. I spit it out but the taste still remained in my mouth. Even now, I can feel the aftertaste on my palate. Am I fleishig?


You are not fleishig because you do not have any chicken stuck between your teeth or in your pallet.


Rashi Chullin 105a, Rambam Maacholos Asuros 9:28, Y:D 89:1, Kaf Hachaim ibid 4.

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