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My friend asked me this question and I dont know the answer: I am a recruiter by trade. I am contacted by a company and asked to find a suitable candidate. I then ask around people in that field if they are looking to move around. if they respond they are i attempt to match them. recently i was contacted by a company and found a suitable match for them. the problem is the candidate said i am happy and unwilling to leave. however, for a crazy amount of ___ i would leave. The company met with him fell in love with him and agreed to pay him what he wanted. He replied let me see if my company would match. THEY replied no. so where does a rabbi come in? The company that he is leaving contacted me and told me its against halacha what i am doing. in the non Jewish world this is dr nurse hr positions etc. is there something against what i am doing morally and ethically. I must add i dont bash use nivul peh manipulation lashon hara. simple they looking are u interested. please direct me.


It is accepted practice and many poskim permit it but never the less it is praiseworthy not to do it.


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