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Helping someone defeat his yetzer harah


I am a retired lady and a man from another continent sent me his children’s books in writing. His latest “update” was foul and graphic. What do I say to help him defeat his yetzer harah, but not embarrass him? I was shocked. I think he is trying to make money, has recently been through a change of towns, living with the other divorced daughter and now helping with his grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. Should I ask him if he’s into pornography? If so, this is his challenge and he should not let it bring down his soul. We are both kosher, observant. I don’t want to look the other way, while this Jew has a problem annd has gone over the line. He is better than that. We have only corresponded, not met, but have encouraged each other, as retired Jews. Thank you. Haya


It all depends on how much of a influence you will have on him and if he is willing to make a change. Perhaps tell him that Rosh Hashana is approaching and that many work on them-selves on areas that need self improvement etc, maybe he will get the hint. Perhaps it would be wiser to try and find someone who the man respects who could try and speak to him.



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