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Unavoidable light sensors in my apartment on Shabbat


I recently rented an apartment and when I came home on my first Shabbos I noticed that the only entrance is equipped with motion detector lights. I did a bit of research on this site and didn’t find anything specific to my situation. I can’t turn them off beforehand (and even if I did the other tenants turn them back on), they are useful as there isn’t a street lamp at the entrance, and there is no other way into my apartment except this entrance. Is this pesik reisha? Should I enter backwards or in some other unusual way for a shinui? Please help.


If the only reason he doesn’t want the malachah is because of transgressing Shabbos that not considered a psik resha delo nicha ley. The solution is to enter the building together with a non Jew or to invite a non Jew for a shot of whisky! Perhaps there is another entrance to the building e.g. a fire exit or delivery door.


Minchas Shlomo 91:9

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