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Beged Ish/Isha questions


We were having a discussion last night about the dinim of Beged Ish/Isha. Are they based or dependant on the manufacturer’s designation (or intent), style or color? For example:
1.  Is it permissible for a Man to wear a Pink (or color variation thereof) man’s dress shirt, even though pink is traditionally a female color?
2.  Is it permissible for a Woman to use a Man’s electric shaver (even Lechatchila) for Mikveh purposes?
3.  Is it permissible for a man to wear an article of clothing that resembles a lady’s garment even if it’s specifically manufactured for men, e.g., a Scottish kilt, men’s lace underwear?
4. Could a female guest lie down/sleep on a boy’s bed (with his bedding) or vice-versa?
Thank You.



  1. 1 it is permitted for a man to wear a pink mans shirt because it is very common, and it s only a difference in color
  2. A woman may use a man’s electric shaver because she is not using it in order to look like a man, rather to look like a woman, but she doesn’t have her own, besides she isn’t wearing it.
  3. regarding wearing a Scottish kilt, it may be worn in places that men actually wear them, however in most other countries, it is considered a women’s garment and should not be worn. Regarding the lace underwear
  4. It is permitted for a person to sleep in the bed of someone else and it isn’t lo tilbash, because beds aren’t men’s or woman’s.



Avnei Yashpei  vol.6 111-4.  Maharsha Nedarim 49b,

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