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Hebrew names


Dear Rabbi

I have been named Debra after Devorah and also my middle name is Suzanne, which I looked up on the computer and found that in Hebrew it could be or is Shoshanna
So my question is that sometime when I am asked for my name for any reason, I love the fact that I have been named for Devorah and that Suzanne is Shoshanna, and sometimes I give the name Devorah and also Shoshanna(like in the order for food for Shabbos and Yom Tov)
I G-d forbid never want to be in any way dishonest, or lie about anything ever not permitted, so have I been doing wrong by giving the Hebrew names even though legally I have been name Debra Suzanne?
Sometimes I also tell others my English name and that I have been named after Devorah
I am concerned, and want only always to do the right thing by Torah, Halacha and Mitzvot.
Thank you so much for your kindness and help in answering my Shailos
Gut Moed


You are not being dishonest when you say that your name is Devorah, because that is the real version of the name. This will be especially true if you and others will call yourself with that name.

Enjoy your beautiful Jewish names.

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