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Good morning,
on my android phone, I use a program (ACR) which allows me to record all phone calls, incoming and outgoing.
Usualy I use it as a reminder, I’m often in the car or I’m doing a services and I no have possibility to take notes as addresses or phone numbers.
But last week I got a call abusive, threatening and very offensive by a colleague.
I sent the recording to my superiors, and only to them, to denounce the threats and insults,instead of making oral testimony about the threats, insults and injuries that I have received by phone, I forwarded the recording.

In reporting his words orally, I could add or distort the facts. in recording, his words speak for him.

According to the halacha I have committed infringements?

Can I go from being the injured party, to the one in the wrong?

P.S My colleague knew but did not remember maybe that I use the ACR

If I am ever in the future find it again in the same situation, how should I do?



The only issue that I see here is one of Lashon Hora, which will depend on numerous circumstances, and there are times when a person may speak lashon hora in order to protect himself. please read an article published this week i this site, here is the link

The fact that you gave the recording versus an oral testimony doesn’t change this.

Good luck and may Gd protect you .

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