Years ago I asked on AskMoses chat some questions about certain issues. Today I cannot remember what exact questions I asked and what answers I got. The site looks abandoned and my question and answers received is not archived on the site. Also multiple Rabbis used to use the site so I have no idea who I asked then.

I have since learned the halachos about what I asked from different sources including another Rabbi I asked more recently. I had no idea about the issues of asking a “second opinion” until very recently.

Should I be concerned of what I asked and got answered back then? Can I move forward with what I learned and the similar questions I asked now?


If I understand you question correctly, you ask certain questions and you don’t remember what they were or what the answers were, but you learned the halachos in an organized way from a different Rabbi, and you want to know if it is considered like asking another Rabbi. I don’t think it is a problem at all since you’re not even sure which halachos you were told from the first Rabbi. Therefore it isn’t disrespectful to do as you now know.


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