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Chillul Hashem


I was a student in law school. There are a few Orthodox students in the school, and I was the most visibly Orthodox among them. Unfortunately, due to my poor academic performance, I have now been dismissed from the law school. I would like to know whether I have transgressed the prohibition of chillul Hashem (they will say, “that Jewish guy couldn’t make it through law school”) and, if so, what is the appropriate atonement?


I am sorry to hear about this disappointment, I am sure it is for the good, and IY”H you will be able to see it. Maybe you should pursue a career in torah law, as I can tell from your questions that you have lot of potential to be great talmid chacham.

Regarding your question, in general the parameter of when something is chillul H-shem is if the person did something below the conduct expected of him. If it was because the course was too hard etc., then you didn’t do anything wrong, however if it was due to not taking it seriously, then that is different.

In any case, if it was C”V a chillul H-shem, atonement for it would be to do acts that positively make a kiddush H-shem.



Rabeinu Bachya Emor 22-32, Kad Hakemach- Chillul H-shem.

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