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Proof that Judaism is real


I was born a Jew and lived in Israel. I still consider myself part of the Jewish nation. But I think the most honest religious position is to be agnostic, because we do not know. I am not certain there is no god, as I have no proof of it. And I am not certain there is a Jewish or Muslim or Christian god, as there is no concrete proof, just faith. I do believe there is something out there due to the huge size of the universe, but don’t know what. And I think know one knows. What’s your take on that?


Can you prove to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that the pen in your pocket was made by man, and not found on the beach or inside a mountain and packaged?  Do you “know” that it was made by man or do you believe it? I believe it, I don’t know it, because even if you will take me to the factory that makes the pens, I can still argue that maybe this pen is different, and you didn’t prove to me that “this” pen was made that way.

Sounds ridiculous? I agree.

So before we prove anything we have to define what will be considered valid “proof”.  I would say that the pen has less than a one in a 100 million chance that it was made “by chance”, therefore when we accept this as proof, and it is intellectually sound enough, to assume that this is the fact. The oblong shape of the pen, the ink inside it, the ball at its tip, it’s cover, it’s smooth outside, all make it practically impossible, and illogical to think that it just happened by itself without any outside intellect that fashioned it, even though it isn’t proven. It is as if the pen itself is “telling” us that it was made, and not just chanced.

If this is the case with a simple pen, how much more is the chance that the human body, which is millions of times more complex just happened by itself; it has a respiratory system, a circulation system, a neurological system, a digestive system, a liver that filters hundreds of pints of blood from all sorts of wastes that humans can’t even see, and don’t even know about. It has intellect, it can reproduce, it can see other things, it can hear other things, and has feeling, it has pupils that open and close depending on the amount of light, and eyebrows that wash it numerous times a minute. It has a skeletal system, and an immune system, which fights hundreds of types of bacteria, way before any human discovered that the body is even doing this.

There are brain cells, heart cells, lung cells, blood cells, liver cells, bone cells, nerve cells, skin cells, fat cells, cartilage cells, optic cells, hair cells, and cells that are sensitive to smell, to name a few. Each different type of cell has properties that the other type of cell doesn’t have: bone cells are hard, skin cell are porous and can stretch, nerve cells transmit information, and blood cell transport materials etc. have you ever heard of a person having bone cells, or nerve cells in their blood. No. Can that all be by chance?

This is only for humans. There are also thousands of animals, each type having its own organization and systems. Then there thousands of types are birds, that can fly, tens of thousands of types of fish, each one with its own nutrition, skeletal, reproductive, movement, protection, and respiration systems… and all of this doesn’t prove that there was intellect that created and formed it?!

Regarding the next question; is there any way of proving history?

Do you believe that the war of Israel’s independence happened? I wasn’t born then, so I didn’t see it, maybe it never really happened. If you will tell me that there are still people that are alive today that experienced it, how about World War I, if I would say that I don’t believe it happened. Can you prove it? Maybe all the artifacts and pictures of the war were fabricated afterwards or from other wars? If I would say that, would you say that I am not realistic and intellectually honest?

Why? Because when a historical event happens, and everyone of that generation agrees to it, intellectually we don’t say that they all made up the same lie together – we say that it happened. Then the historical information is written and told to everyone orally, and it is considered to be historical fact. But it can be argued, that maybe years afterwards they all decided to say that this fact happened? Realistically this cannot be done, because you are not going to get everyone to agree to do something like that. People are not going to believe you if you say that there was a major war in the United States in the year 1827, because why hasn’t anyone said anything about until now, especially if they would be told that because of that war, everyone since that war has worn green pants on the 1st of June. No one has heard of this custom, nor of the war, and you aren’t going to get the masses to agree to it, therefore you can’t just make it up in a way that people will believe it and live by it…

Judaism has passed down a tradition of a historical event that there was a revelation of G-d to the Jewish people on Mount Sinai, and that it was in the presence of over a million people. The same way that we believe all major events in history, this should be no different.



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