If a bachur sees his fellow sleeping as the sof zman krias shema is quickly approaching, is he obligated to awaken his fellow so that he can say krias shema? Or do we say that the sleeping individual is an ones, since at the time that he is sleeping, it is as if he is dead, and he is not mechuyov in mitzvos at that time? [Sleep is 1/60 of death]

Obviously, it is a nice thing to awaken the person, but the question is, if one is actually obligated to do so from the letter of the law?


Regarding waking someone up to say kriyas shema on time, there are differant opinions about this., See Halichos Shlomo- Teffilah Miluim 12, that it is a correct thing to do, but meikar hadin he is patur . However see Pischei Teshuvos 48 ftnt. that many poskim agreed that it is mandatory to wake him up.

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