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tumah ezra


I apologize that I have been asking very similar questions recentl..I have been getting very ocd
1. I was cleaning my room before and I touched clothes that had dried zera atleast im assuming was all dried and then touched other things in the house andthen other people touch those things etc is this a problem
2.if I c”v have a mikra do I have to worry that sullied clothes touched floor before dried and then my feet touch floor and then they touch clean clothing any of this actually a problem al pi halacha altz tumah and ezra etc.? sorry for the repitition


Tumas Ezra is only regarding the one who had the actual emission, not for others who might have touched something that dried. There is no such problem nowadays as we are all tamei mes anyways. IY”H after mashiach you will be cured of your ocd, until then don’t worry about it.


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