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borrowing without permission from the owner


I am currently in a mother and baby resort for women who have just given birth to babies. Twice a week a photographer comes to take portraits of the babies for a few, for those who are interested in purchasing portraits of their newborn babies. This photographer is currently on vacation and not providing this service this week. The props used for these sessions are stored here at the resort and are easily accessible. Is it halachacilly permissible for me to use the blanket or basket etc to take pictures of my baby if I have no way to ask the owner of the equipment for permission to borrow these items?


Mazal Tov.  You should have a lot of nachas from your new baby.

The rule for using someone else’s things without permission is that we may not use them unless we are sure that they wouldn’t mind, and they cannot be asked. In your situation since these props are used for him to get customers for his business, it stand to reason that he would be makpid not to let. Therefore you shouldn’t use it without getting his permission first.


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