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Please Answer fast i have a couple of hours until Mincha Subject: Taanis


Thank you
Yesterday night after tzeis hacohavim, I accepted on my self a fast from alos haschar until tzeis hachoavim for today. I was reading the shulchan aruch and he says in siman 562 that it is not considered a taanins unless it was acceted before the day. Did I fulfil my neder and do I say annenu during mincha today?
Thhank you


You are very right, a kabalah to fast after it is no longer daytime doesn’t mean anything and you don’t say anaynu. Regarding making a neder, I have to know more about it. Did you make the neder to fat specifically today or to fast one day in general?



M:B 22

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  1. I am pretty sure the neder was to have a taanis that specific day. When I was making it I by accidentally said ” tommrow Wednesday” and realized my mistake and then said Tuesday. Did I complete the neder or do I have to fast again?

    1. So get three [eople to be matir the neder, because you couldn’t fast the next day, because you weren’t mekabel the taanis.

        1. IN this case it would be differant because you are coming to permit a specific neder. Therefore you would have to tell one of the three people what the neder is, they will ask you is you would have made it into a neder had you known that you couldn’t fulfill it by making the kabolah when it already night time. The answer to this question is obviousely no. Then they will be able to be matir the neder.
          If this sounds com;licated to you, ask a Rov to help you be matir the neder.

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