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Eating wormy walnuts


If I have eaten some will get sick , what should I expect, what should I do?


No you will not get sick, G-d does not give punishments for sins in an open way, because otherwise we would not have free will. Therefore you should not expect anything out of the ordinary. What you should do is teshuva, which comprises of three parts, firstly to regret the sin that was done. After that to confess to G-d and say, “H-shem, I am sorry that I transgressed your commandment and I ate bugs”. The third part is to make sure that from now on you will be more careful to check the foods you eat, or to learn the halachos of checking foods for bugs.

After this is done you can assume that you did teshuva correctly, and that your sin was forgiven.

If it will make you sick from a medical aspect, this you have to ask a doctor.

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