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I used a meat pot to cook hot dairy food


The meat pot had not been used for a full year and was stored in the wrong place when I mistakenly took it out and used it to cook cheesy noodles. How can I kasher pot now? Is it dairy?


The pot should be cleaned very well that there is no dirt rust etc. on it, any residue in any joints should be cleaned out with a toothpick etc. Then it can be placed into a larger pot that has come to a rolling boil. The pot should be placed into it for a second or two while the water is still boiling, then take the pot out and wash it in cold water. An alternative method is to clean the pot as above, then fill it up until the top with water. Then take a rock, or a different item that can be heated up on the fire, when the pot is boiling, place the hot rock (using a pliers) into the pot so that the boiling water cascades over the rim of the pot and kashers it also. Then the pot should be emptied and rinsed with cold water. 

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