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Niddah- asking different rabbonim


Thank you for this great website.

It is preferable to show one’s niddah-related questions to the same rov each time or one could lechatchila show a different Rov every time she has another question? For example, if one lives in a neighborhood where there is a Beis Horaah which has different poskim answering questions at different times, is it better to find a specific Rov whom you could always show a question to, or it is fine to lechatchila ask different Rabbonim based on whoever is available to look at it?



Thank you for the compliment!

It is better to stick to the same Rov for two reasons. Firstly if you keep to the same Rov he will understand your situation better and there will be fewer misunderstandings. Secondly many times different Rabbonim will have a different psak because of what they were mekabel from their rebbi, therefore sticking to the same Rov will ensure that what you are doing is consistent. Therefore this is what is preferred.


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