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Pledges on Simchas Torah


If a person pledged to learn a certain number of blatt, does that mean “unique blatt” or can it be chazora (or a combination of the two)? (He did not have anything in mind.)

If a person pledged to learn an entire masechta, and some parts of it are too hard and he does not understand, what should he do to fulfill his vow?



If you are referring to when the gabbai of the shul auctions off kibudim on Simchas Torah, you should ask the gabbai what the understanding was. If it is not known, then you can assume that it means to learn the specific amount of blatt, even if it chazorah.

If you pledged to learn a mesechta, that means that you made a neder to learn it, “learning” it means that you understand what it says, ( even if you didn’t learn the Rashi or Tosefos, as ong as you understand the gemorah). You have to find some way to learn it, you can listen to a shiur, (there are many available even on the phone, in numerous languages) it is from a shiur, use a gemora that has a simple explanation (i.e. Artscroll), or whatever it takes that you should understand what it says.

May H-shem help all those who pledged to learn to be able to keep their pledges, and to grow from them.


Orchos Rabeinu2 pg. 214, Kovetz Halachos Pesach 9-32.

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