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Parve ice cream with DE status


I have bought a parve ice cream with DE on the box (dairy equipment) which we would like to eat after a meaty meal

1. Can we eat it with meaty utensils?
2. Can we eat it with cold parve cake cooked in a meat oven
3. Can we eat it with hot parve cake cooked in a meat oven




DE means that the ice cream is pareve, but it was manufactured with machines that make milchig ice cream. Since the ice cream itself does not contain any milchig in it, you may eat it after eating meat, but not together with meat. Don’t eat it until you have finished eating the meat, and it should not be put on to a plate that still has leftovers of the meat meal. It may be put into clean meaty utensils, and it may be eaten together with  cake that was baked in meat oven, even if the cake is still hot.



Y:D 89-3, Tuv taam V’daas 3- 183, Minchas Ytzchok 9-77, Badei Hashulchan,ibid 90,

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