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Cooking and Freezing before Pesach


May one buy KFP foods, cook them before pesach in non-KFP dishes, and freeze for use on pesach? Do the same rules of nullification apply as per buying milk before pesach?


Interesting and potentially practical idea, just buy your pesach products Chanukah time, cook up all your pesach food in your pot that wasn’t used for 24hrs. and freeze it. Then erev pesach go “shopping” in your freezer and your ready for pesach. Sounds too good to be true? You’re right it is! The problem is that we although we say that a trief aino ben yomo pot b’dieved will not prohibit the food cooked in it, we are not allowed to intentionally cook in it. Secondly on pesach we are stringent, and even if the food was already cooked we may not eat it on pesach. This is one of the aspects of hilchos pesach that are more stringent than the rest of the year.

Regarding buying milk before pesach although the cow did consume chometz is not problematic, because the milk has changed dramatically, and milk is not chometz. It is only when the milk was created from chometz on pesach itself, while the chometz was assur b’hana’ah that there are opinions that say that the milk being that it is a derivative of an issur hana’ah that we are still benefiting from the chometz. However this would not apply to a permitted item ( chmetz before pesach) that changed form.



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