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Follow up on Selling chometz question


Hi, I am partly being supported by my mother, but I pay for my own food. She pays for the apt. Does it not matter that I sold with the intention to sell also my own? Also, I never sell chometz gamur, so what I put away are as follows: an open bottle of olive oil, cans of tuna, sardines, beans, quinoa, chickpea, buckwheat, a bag of salt (used near chometz), spices, 100% cocoa powder, cosmetics, soaps and creams, some containing chometz ingredients, perfume, vitamins and herbal liquids (used near chometz) toothpaste and mouthwash. What must I throw away and what can I use? Also, if I bought something, but share it with my mother, was it included in the sale? My brother also shares some things, as well.


Everything is fine, but check the vitamins if they contain wheat or gluten, and the perfume and mouthwash should be checked for which type of alcohol they contain. If you send me the names of them, I can check it up for you.

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  1. The perfume contains alcohol from organic sugar cane and oat amino acids. The mouthwash brand is ‘the natural dentist’ and is alcohol free, but contains derivatives of corn. The toothpaste is JASONS and says glutenfree. As far as vitamins, I’m sure most are glutenfree, but not all say if they contain wheat or not. The herbal drops are wheat free and it states that it’s not extracted with alcohol. Does it matter that these were used near chometz all year? Or would any crumbs be batel beshishim? Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Everything sounds good, but I want to check into the perfume. What is the name of the perfume?

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