Do you have to take off challah from a batter of sponge cake


Essentialy yes, we have to take off challah from a recipe of sponge cake. But this is only if it has the correct amount of flour, and the batter will have to be pretty large. Also we don’t take off challah when it is in a pourable liquid form. Threfore challah should be taken only after it is baked.


Tosefos Brachos 38a, D:H Lechem, Pesachim 36b D:H Prat, Y:D 329-2,  MInchas Shlomo 68, Avnei Nezer Y:D 413-1, Derechg Chaim, Leket Haomer 4 MIspatei Ha’aretz1-2, Shmiras Shabbos Khilchoso 42 ftnt 41. The Aruch Hashuchan Y:D 329-6 holds differantly.

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