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Returning the eggs after doing shiluach haken


I have read that after sending the mother away and taking the eggs, it is permissible to return the eggs to its nest, is that so? If yes, do I just take out the eggs and than immediately return in? Can you please provide a source? Thank you very much!


  1. Yes you may put the eggs back right away, after picking them up, then you have completed the mitzvah. After that you can return them to their nest.
  2. In fact, according to most poskim, if you are mafkir them after returning them to their nest, someone else can now come and fulfill the mitzvah, if the mother will come back to the nest. (As a side point, I can’t verify this, but I heard, that if the mother smells that the eggs etc. were touched by human hands, that the mother will not come back for the eggs or chicks. This issue can be solved by having the first person (or people) wear gloves when doing the mitzvah.)
  3. There is another option for two people to do the mitzvah, that the first person should only pick up one of the eggs, and save the other egg for someone else.



  1. Mishna Chullin 141a, see Rashi, Sefer Shalaiah Tshalach Halacha 13 and ftnt. 13 in the name of R’ Eliyashiv, R’ Y. Y. Fisher zt”l, and ybchl”ch R. C. Kanievsky, and R’ Y. Hillel shlit”a.but he til re not goignt o take thier ch girl gets a random peice
  2. Lchem Shpmayim ( R’ Y. Emden zt”l) Mishnayos Chulin 12-1, Be’er Yitzchok (R’ Y. E. Spector zt”l) Y:D 23 D:H V’od, Shalaiah T’shalach pg. 83 in the name of R’ Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a that when he learnt the sugya with the steipler, this is how they understood as “a davar pashut”, and that the Steipler did like this in order for others to also be able to do the mitzvah. Also see Orchos Rabeinu 4 pg.29. This also seems t be the opinion of R’ M. Feinstein zt”l, (Shalaiach T’shalach ibid ftnt. 24, and the opinion of R’ Y. Shapira zt”l. This is also the opinion of R’ Z. N. Goldberg shlit”a. R’ Eliyashiv zt”l however held differently than this.
  3. Shalaiach T’shalach ibid 15.

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