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Shaila The Three weeks


Dear Rabbi
Thank you so much for your kindness and help. I ask if background or incidental music is permitted during The Three Weeks e.g. programs with incidental music via radio, internet, or other etc.
I listen and watch programs and other media not doing so to listen to the background music but often it is there in the background within those programs and the like.
I always want to do the right thing.


A person that is in a place that has music playing does not have to leave, and doesn’t have to be concerned that he is hearing music during the three weeks. Examples of this are; when on a bus, in an office, or a store that has back round music, the music of a ringing phone. The reason for this is because the person does not have intention to enjoy the music, rather he can’t help but to hear it, therefore it is permitted.



Nechamas Yisroel 3-9, Moadei Yishurun pg. 128, Kol Hamisablim Aleha 2 ftnt 9, Kovetz Halachos ( Bein Hamitzrim 4- 17,18,19.

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