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9 days, before a simcha


I would like to know if the following can be done in the 9 days, in preparation for a simcha the day after.
Teeth whitening
eye brow waxing
setting a wig
Thank you.



Essentially preparing for a simcha is only a permitting factor with regard buying items for a mitzvah, such buying the things that will be needed for the chasuna etc. not because it is in preparation for a simcha. It also only applies to buying things, but not to washing ourselves, washing clothing, cutting hair, etc. Therefore we have to look at each issue individually to see if it may be done during the nine days.

  1. Teeth whitening is allowed during the nine days, the same way we are allowed to brush our teeth in the nine days.
  2. Regarding eye brow waxing- it is controversial if it permitted or not. The opinions that say that it is permitted is mainly because she will not unsightly for her husband, or for a girl in shidduchim, (and according to some it is not considered cutting hair). Therefore it should only be done if there is such a need. This however does not seem to be the case here, because you only want to do it now because of the upcoming simcha. Therefore it is included in not taking haircuts.
  3. A wig is considered like an article of clothing, therefore it may not be washed during the nine days. We are also not allowed to fix clothing during the nine days. Therefore the wig may not be cut, reset, or to have new hairs added to it.


You can however have the waxing and wig setting done before the nine days or this year (5778) even right after T’ Bav, because his year T’ Bav is on the 10th of av. Tis is because this year we are allowed to everything, right after the fast except for eating  meat, drinking wine, ( and music according to some poskim).



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