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I bought clothing for a child before the nine days. Can he wear it during the nine days?


I bought clothing for a child before the nine days. but did not give it to him. can i give it to him during the nine days?Answer:

It will depend on the circumstances. Essentially we are not allowed to launder, purchase, or wear new clothing during the nine days, and this applies even for children. However it is permitted to wash the clothing of very young children, if he soiled his clothing and he will not have what to wear. The exact age for this will depend on the child, the guideline according to R’ M. Feinstein zt”l was that if the child is constantly getting himself dirty from food mud etc. then his clothes may be washed.


O:CH 551-3,6, 7, Halachos of the Three Weeks- R’ Eider pg. 9.

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