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Any Halacha for salt and black pepper built in shakers?


This product is a salt and black pepper shaker/crusher (inserted already by the manufacturer company). On this particular item, there doesn’t exist any sorts of kosher symbol (on the package). But, since it’s not a food rather spices – Maybe an exception here can be applied of use anyway? I’m confused of how to proceed further with this… interesting item.

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You may use the salt and pepper even though they don’t have a hechsher (kosher symbol). However from looking at the picture that you sent it appears that the shakers are made of metal and glass. If this is true they would need to be toveled in a kosher mikva. When toveling them, put the shakers inside the water at and angle to make sure that the cavity of the shakers are fully filled with water and that there are no air pockets trapped inside them. ( If you insert the shakers into the water upside down, they will trap water inside the cavity.)

I hope that this point is clear.

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