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Applying eye drops on Yom Kippur


I have Glaucoma and am required to take eye drops twice a day to control eye pressure which could increase if not applied. Increased pressures can worsen my condition . Can I use these drops on Yom Kippur?


Taking medications on Yom Kippur and specifically in your case, with eye drops, there are essentially two issue, anointing yourself on Yom Kippur, and the regular issue of taking medications on Shabbos etc.  Regarding the anointing issue, it is permitted. The reason is because it is not considered anointing yourself, since it is not being done for pleasure, but only for medical purposes. Regarding the issue of not taking medication, Yom Kippur would have the same rule as every shabbos. If you are allowed to take it every shabbos you may take it also on Yom Kippur.


O:CH 614-1.

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