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Tefilla for the government


Dear Rabbi,
Why is it that in most shuls that I have been in, I don’t see any tefillah for the American government if the Mishnah in pirkei avos says hevei mispallel bishlomah shel malchus and that’s even in an oppressive regime so shouldn’t we say it all the more so in this malchus shel chessed?
Thank you and gut yahr!


Interesting question. We do see that years ago they did daven for the shalom malchus, for example in the siddur of R’ Shabse Sofer of Bramishla there is a tefillah brought from siddur Lublin (1778) that starts Hanosain B’yom Derech, in which they davened for welfare of the king and the government. For some reason many communities don’t say it anymore. However when saying tehillim 144, it is a tefillah for the welfare of the king. Alternatively you can actually say it yourself.


Darcei MOshe Hachadash pg.124, Piskei Teshuvos 284-15.

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