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Am i prohibited to a Kohen for marriage


I am a single mother with a 12 year old child who was conceived using a self insemination method. The donor is not jewish but plays a very active role in the child’s life. We were never in a physical relationship with each other but lived together during pregnancy and in the child’s early years for financial convenience and support. We remain very close and make all decisions for the child jointly as well as being very much involved in each others family life for the sake of a strong unit. My two previous intimate relationships have both been with Jews. My question is, am i still forbidden to a Kohen? I am currently in a relationship with a Kohen and we would like to pursue a fully accepted jewish life and marriage but we are confused surrounding the conception of my child and if it would have any impact on his privileges as a Kohen or any consequences for any children we may be blessed with?


Your question is  a serious one, a bit complicated and has far reaching ramifications, and therefore it needs to be discussed with a big Rabbi in person or perhaps over the phone. I would suggest that you call Rabbi Hanoch Ehredtreu in London 2-08-343-8989, who is very experienced with such situations. Speak to his secretary, and tell her that you have a marital question to discuss with Rabbi Ehredtreu, and they will help you.

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