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Kohen marrying a convert’s daughter


Are there restrictions on a Kohen marrying a converts daughter


Assuming that she was conceived after her father became a convert, (meaning that she herself is definitely not a convert), then the halacha is as follows. If both of her parents are converts then it would be an issue, but if her mother is not a convert then it is fine for her to marry a kohen. Note: even if both her parents are converts, don’t be rash to say that they cannot marry, and speak to a Rov who is proficient in Even Haezer.

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Mishna Kiddushin Shulchan Aruch E:H 7-21, Bais Shmuel ibid 7-42.

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  1. Thank you.
    Can you please address the scenario if only the Mother was a convert.

    1. It is the same as if only the father is a convert, she can marry a kohen.

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