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Dressing properly when entering a shul


Dear Rabbi,

Yireh is determined by our attire. I visit shuls with incompetant dress. One man arrives in shorts. Others maybe untidy attire. Few ever even a tie.

What is reasonable in minyans that can meet daily? Seemingly a shirt and pants minimum.

The reform I once knew left a more orthodox impression than today’s modern elite orthodox. The memory of a few at least is well dressed. Perhaps they are more helpful in attire.

I feel angry.



You are very correct. When we come to daven we should be dressed appropriately and respectfully. When we daven we are supposed to be dressed as if we are having a meeting with an important person, because when davening shmona esrei we are actually having a meeting with the king of kings. Therefore we should be dressed appropriately.

Best Wishes


Shulchan Aruch 91-5 M:B ibid 11.

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