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Kadusha while DAVENING SHOMONA ESREI or else where


Can you please review the pertinent laws regarding a person in the middle of DAVENING SHEMONA ESREI or else where in DAVENING (PESUKEI DEZIMRA ,or SHEMA Or BRACHS before or after SHEMA) regarding kEDUSHA being said or KADDISH being said at the same time? What to do? Stop and listen or answer along to KEDUSHA? Thank you


Thank you for your question.

These halachos come up very often and are very practical to know. While someone is davening Shemona Esrei, he may not answer to anything at all. When the chazzan says the verse Kadosh, Kadosh etc. and the verse Baruch Kivod, then the person stops davening and listens to the chazzan while he is saying it. During  kaddish he stops to listen to Yihei shmei rabba until  yisborach.

During Birkas Kriyas Shema onevmay say along with the tzibbur the above two pesukim, and Amen Yehei shmei rabba, and the amen after the words d’amiron bolma. Regarding all other amens, there is a difference between when one is between paragraphs which are between the first and second bracha, between the second bracha and shema, between shema and v’hoyo, and between the words “k’imiei hashomayim al h’aretz”. Between the beginning of shema until after saying boruch shem, andbetwee nthe words H-shem elokeichem emes we don’t talk out for any reason.

During Pisukei D’zimra we may answer to all of the above (however not during the bracha of Baruch Sheamar and Yishtabach). Additionally we may also answer amein to any bracha, but not to boruch hu u’baruch shemoy, or the other ameins of kaddish.

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Shulchan Aruch O:CH 66-1, 3, 104-7, M:B 66-12, M:B 51-8, 104-27.

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