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Passing in front of someone who is davening


Hi. I am learning Orach Chaim siman 102 which states that one must not pass in front of someone who is davening. I have an issue that often comes up in shul. I am often a bit slower than the tzibur with my davening. When I am ready to start the Amidah, the people in the row behind me are already in the middle of davening. It seems to me that I can’t take three steps back before my tefillah.

Can I walk to the side and daven somewhere else? It seems that I cannot because that would also be classified as passing before someone who is davening.

It seems to me that I have to just stand up and daven without taking the 3 steps. Is that correct?


Your problem is a common one. Please see the following post  where a similar question was addressed.

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