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Sources in chazal about the unique impact a Jew has on the world


Hello Rabbi,

Could you tell me some sources in Chazal that discuss the unique impact a Jew has on the world (that no other creation has), like the one that says the world would cease to exist if a Torah wasn’t being learn.

Thank you!


If you would like to see numerous sources on this topic, I would suggest that you learn Shar 4 of Nefesh Hachayim frrom R’ Chaim Velozoner. In that Shar he talks about the specialness of Torah, and how our actions have an impact on all of the worlds. The chazal that you quote is discussed in that Shar in Perek 11 and 25. As a side point, it is brought in the sefer Ruach Eliyahu pg. 101, that this was the reason that R’ Chaim Velozoner, instituted that there should be people learning torah 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also see Ubacharta B’chayim Perek 25 ftnt. 1, that the Chofetz Chaim once said, that one of the reasons the Jews were dispersed in golus all over the world was for this reason. Originally the Jews were stronger and there was no fear that there would be a disruption from the constant torah study, even though all the Jews lived in the same area. However in the later generations, we need to be dispersed in order to insure that there will be people in different parts of the world involved in torah study at all times of the day.

Aside for this, see Nefesh Hachayim Shar 1 Perek 4-5, where he discusses that a Jews actions effect all of the worlds and galaxies, for better and for worse. By his doing mitzvos he positively effects all of the worlds, and conversely the opposite when he sins. As a side point this is one of the explanations why “gadol metzuveh voseh”,that a person that is commanded gets more reward then a person that isn’t commanded. This is because when a person is commanded by H-shem to do a mitzva, it connects him to all of those worlds, and his action effects all of them. Therefore, since his action has such a large effect, his reward is greater.

There is another sefer call Ma’alos Hatorah, written by R’ Avrohom the brother of the Vilna Gaon that also talks about the many positive impacts of torah study.

Best wishes

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