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Returning lost pen found in Jewish parking lot


I found about a 4 dollar pen half used in a public place,looks like it was there for a while before i found it. After i picked it up i noticed it has a name but with a last name like Cohen in Monsey it will be very time consuming to find the owner and likely he was miyaaeesh since it has been a while even though it has a siman. The place it was found is a heavily Jewish population also it was a parking lot for frum stores. What should I do with this pen. ?


 Since the item has a siman, we can’t really say that he was miyayish from it. On the other hand since it is a while since he lost it, he is it really going to look for it any more. Therefore, you should write it down somewhere, for posterity, what you found, where and when, and then you can use it.

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